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Making Wealth by Trusting People

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This week my brother resigned the job he had for quite a few years. There comes a time for all of us when we need new challenges, and moving is the only way to keep learning and growing.

Today he gave me to read his “farewell letter”, his goodbye to co-workers. Far from commonplaces and standard templates, it was a really heartfelt goodbye, and what struck a chord with me, it’s that it was a thank you letter.

Thank you to the ones who gave me the opportunity, thank you to the ones who helped me, thank you to the ones who have shared your time with me, and thank you to the ones who made me better.

And I kept thinking, not about being thankful, which is by the way a great thing, but about trusting people and making opportunities for others.

We’re now living in a mincer, a people eater, with a permanent desire to crash each other, fiercely competitive startups, hiring and poaching, making sure every single hire is at the top of her game, because failure is not an option, and hey, we need that extra million.

Don’t we?

What is it that we have at the end of the game?

At least for me, the “thanks you” I’ve had, have made more for me than any money I can make , knowing that you’ve helped someone be better, or trusted someone when no one else would do it , that will stay with you when money is long gone, and it will probably stay when you are gone too.

Hiring only the very best is a safe bet anyone can take, having the talent to see potential takes skill, and having the guts to make opportunities and trust people not only takes courage, but it’s the only human thing to do.

Next time you’re about to put a cog on the machine, think human, and take the risk.

Rewards are worth it.

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