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On Firing Yourself

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When you’ve been leading a team for a while, you kinda get used to get them together and break some news, whether it’s good or bad. People also get used to listening, and if you’ve done well, trusting you.

But there’s some news you will never be ready to break, it’s the day you must say you’re stepping down.

I know I wasn’t.

It was one of the more difficult and saddest moments I’ve ever had to go through, I’m still finding hard to even write about it.

Beyond all reasons, there’s only one thing I really want to say to Ewe, Niko, Burguer, Seba, Fernickk, Nacho, Juan, Cany, Paola, El Ruso Alexis, Fede, Canario, Lolo & Diego.

Thank you, it was an amazing ride.

You’re gonna be missed

El Cabeza

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